Established in 2007, Premium Global Tours (PGT) is an independent tour company specializing in personalized tours of Israel and Holy Land Pilgrimages. What sets us apart is our dedication to paying close attention to every detail, offering personalized service, understanding the difference between a leisurely vacation and a deeply meaningful spiritual journey, and ensuring that knowledgeable tour guides accompany you throughout your journey. With nearly twenty years of experience, we take pride in offering tailored care, competitive rates, and a promise of excellence at every stage of your trip.

At PGT, we recognize that this tour is all about you and your unique preferences. Whether you are interested in exploring the cultural and historical aspects of the Holy Land or going on a pilgrimage to strengthen your faith, regardless of your religious background, traditions, or heritage, we will partner with a local agency in your country to help you plan and fulfill your dream expedition.

We understand that exploring the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires an exceptional guide. The individual leading you through the spiritual foundations must have a profound understanding of the historical and religious significance of each location. Our guides not only offer cultural insights and biblical knowledge at every site but also possess extensive expertise, language skills, patience, and a genuine desire to assist fellow travelers on their sacred journey through this remarkable place.

Our team of devoted and enthusiastic travel experts comes from various religious and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the diverse cultural tapestry of our country. We all share a common dedication to service and strive towards a shared objective: to highlight the splendor of the Holy Land, provide outstanding travel experiences, and create enduring memories for all our travelers.