Lucy Sylva- USA

This was the trip of a lifetime! From start to finish everything ran smoothly and was so well organized. Israel is a beautiful country and I can’t imagine seeing it for the first time with anyone other than Premium Global Tours. Thank you so much for making our pilgrimage to the Holy Land such a create experience.

Silva Vo- Texas

I was fortunate to join the Holy Land Pilgrimage provided by Premium Global Tours and sponsored by Father Jesus Martinez of Texas, USA on September 7-14, 2013. I have to say that it is a once in a life time experience that has strengthened my faith and helped me grow spiritually and the memories of which I will treasure for the rest of my life. Father Martinez was as good as it gets—so much fun to be with. I think that he will attract many pilgrims in the future just by his personality.

But of course the wonderful experience would not have been possible were it not for the presence of our driver Ameer and our guide Saed Yassin.  Yassin has such love and passion for the history of Israel. It showed whenever he spoke which was so captivating and always transformed us all to that amazing time. He has a vast knowledge of history which was very impressive. I’m old and have worked hard all my life and have gone to so many places and participated in many tours and have not encountered a guide as good and as moving as Yassin. He is an asset to your company. Many in the group said that they will only recommend Premium Global Tours of the Holy Land if Yassin and Ameer are on it. I do not think Father Jesus will like another driver and guide aside from those 2. They work so well with each other and have such respect for each other that the whole group commented on it. 

On our last evening in Jerusalem I met The CEO of Premium Global Tours Mrs. Allyson. It was very nice that she came to meet us. We all appreciated that very much. You have a very respectable/trustworthy company and I will pray for your continued success. I know that you will bring more pilgrims to the Holy Land and beyond.

Luba Martinez

"Thank you for your company’s commitment to excellence. My experience in Israel has truly been a trip of a lifetime. I hope to visit Jerusalem again soon. There will always be a special place in my heart for Israel." 

Patty Romo- Texas

Our first experience with Premium Global Tours was over 9 years ago in 2011.  We have been using them ever since and can say the service level has never wavered.  They offer impeccable customer service, with such personal attention given to every detail.  We consider them not just our tour company but they have become our Israeli family.  We have been so blessed through them and highly recommend them.

Sylvana S -Sydney, Australia

My name is Sylvana S. and I am a Tour organizer in Sydney, Australia. I have been involved in this role since 2005 and have also been responsible for all fundraising activities. Our first experience with Premium Global Tours was 8 years ago in 2011. I am pleased to say that since then we have never looked back! Premium Global Tours is incredibly reliable and extremely loyal. They offer outstanding service and have provided so much personal attention to us at the Voice of Charity over the years. I know that others have also experienced this same personal attention when dealing with them. In truth I can say that to us, Premium Global Tours are more than just a tour company – they have become like family. We genuinely feel blessed to work with them and can proudly and honestly recommend them.

John M- Australia

I have been involved in incoming tourism to Israel for about 30 years, now as a tour operator based in Australia. I collaborated with 4 incoming operators in Israel before PGT took over just over 3 years ago. I was truly impressed by: The prompt, highly professional, attentive responses to all requests; Their meticulous attention to detail; And the exceptionally superior, unmatched level of service PGT offered my groups. Their outstanding ability to smoothly manage tour groups, to assist with virtually every aspect and level of promoting and conducting travel to & in Israel is unparalleled. It's no wonder that when travel came to a sudden stop, I was grateful to be working with PGT and I eagerly anticipate the moment we can resume our operations together for the benefit of Israel and its visitors.

Ricardo L.A - SaoPaulo

We work with Premium Global Tours for almost 10 years, and we have always been receiving excellent services and support. They treat big groups with the same excellence as small ones. Their staff is kind and always ready to do the best. The success of our pilgrimage trips is in part to do the good partnership we have with Premium Global Tours.

María Rosalía

I discovered Premium Global Tours 10 years ago, when I was looking for a reliable tour operator who could answer my every request very fast. After having many groups operated by PGT all these years, I gladly tell you that they are the most professional in arranging tours and tackling unexpected problems that appeared on a tour.

Thanks to PGT, my groups have always been having great experience in the Holy Land physically and spiritually that most of them returned to Argentina with a big desire to revisit Israel and explore more of the country in the future with PGT.

Patricia C

Premium Global Tours is amazing! Their service is top-notch, and they are experts at handling any unexpected situations that may come up. They truly are the greatest!