Touring Israel

A journey in Israel takes you through the land of creation, connecting you to the roots of your faith and inviting you to engage with the modern miracle of the “Start Up nation”. You’ll encounter holy cities and ancient sites, modern cities and state-of-the-art miracles, desert landscapes, lush forests, volcanic mountains and sandy beaches, people and stories. Lots of stories, for this is the land where it all began.
Our TRAVEX team will weave together the distinctive and diverse regions of the country to create your custom Israel experience.



Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city, is a multi-dimensional experience, rich in history, religion, culture and diverse peoples. Jerusalem is the spiritual epicenter for the world’s three major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
A visit to Jerusalem is like a walk through history books of humanity.
The labyrinth of underground tunnels reveal secrets of the past. Every stone tells a story. Every alleyway – another legend. And, yet, upon the ancient rubble of the city’s past, new Jerusalem stone-clad buildings have arisen, ushering in a new generation.
A vibrant and modern Jerusalem has been reborn in the State of Israel, inviting you to explore and experience.
We suggest 3-5 days to explore Jerusalem.



Mediterranean Coast

Israel’s Mediterranean coastline is a wealth of activity, history and breath-taking vistas.  From the ancient city of Ashkelon in the south to the cliff side grottos of Rosh Hanikra, the welcoming shores have served as a gateway between east and west.  The region features urban metropoles each with their own unique character.  It boasts amazing beaches, as well as urban, economic, cultural and leisure activities and archaeological sites dating back to biblical times.  
The city of Tel Aviv exudes a modern energy, with its contemporary skyline, tempting world class cuisine and exhilarating culture and nightlife. 
We suggest 2-3 days to explore Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas.



Galilee and Northern Israel

The Galilee and Golan Heights connect the center of Israel to her northern borders. It is here that some of the most significant narratives of the Old and New Testaments unfold and where picturesque serenity offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Israel’s major cities. Explore the sites where Jesus established his ministry on the shores of the deep blue Sea of Galilee, discover ancient synagogues and charming galleries along the narrow alleyways of Safed – the city of mystical thought, art and music. The strategically significant Golan Heights plateau, which stands guard over the valley, is covered in sprawling green meadows and a labyrinth of streams and waterfalls, making this landscape ideal for hiking, biking and jeep excursions.
We suggest 2-5 days to explore Northern Israel.


Dead Sea and Masada

A short drive from Jerusalem the Judean Desert is considered a relatively small desert – with many stories to tell.  The region features a rugged landscape and breath-taking views that are constantly changing, making it an exciting and unique place to explore.  As you hug the contours of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, you are actually driving along the earth’s floor.  Enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the Dead Sea and a float in its salty waters.  Ascend on foot or by cable car to the summit of Masada, King Herod’s hilltop fortress.  The over 2,000 year-old Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered hidden in a cave in Qumran.  In contrast to the surrounding region, the beautiful site of Ein Gedi is a lush, verdant oasis with greenery all year round and graceful waterfalls flowing into pools.
Masada & the Dead Sea can easily be visited as a one-day excursion from Jerusalem.



Negev Desert

In the serene landscapes the Negev Desert the Biblical passages about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come to life. The topography of the region with its colored stone and sand dunes, is perfect for Jeep exploration, rappelling down the jagged cliffs, hiking and biking as well as night time stargazing. The sweeping desert landscapes are home to a plethora of flora and fauna, some unique to this region. Reminiscent of ancient Biblical nomads, the local Bedouin tribes of today are known for their hospitality, featuring strong coffee, tea blended from the leaves of local desert plants and plenty of stories. Modern Israelis have brought the desert to life with innovative desert agriculture, solar energy and even wine production.
We suggest 2-3 days to explore the Desert.



Eilat and the Red Sea

The inverted pyramid-shaped Negev Desert reaches its pinnacle at the coastal Red Sea port city of Eilat – Israel’s sand and sun resort. The fish and corals of the Red Sea come to life by snorkeling, scuba diving – or with a visit to the distinctive Underwater Sea Observatory and aquarium.
The Ramon Airport is just north of Eilat, with several flights per day to and from Tel Aviv. The Arava Border crossing conveniently connects Eilat in Israel with the neighboring city of Aqaba in Jordan, affording easy access for pre- and post- excursions to Petra and other sites in Jordan.
We suggest 1-3 days to explore and enjoy EIlat.



Petra, Jordan

Located along the ancient spice route, the ruins of this Nabatean city offer secrets to be discovered around each bend.  The “Red-Rose” city features iconic rock-cut facades, tombs and temples.   Enhance your visit with the magical Petra by Night. After dark, walk through the torch-lit siq to the Treasury, aglow with the light of 1,500 candles.  Combine with a visit to Wadi Rum, land of Lawrence of Arabia, or a journey to the capital metropolis of Amman.
We suggest 1-2 days to explore Petra and 3-5 days for a more extensive Jordan tour.